Policy notice: no private solicitations for work, paid or free (18)

We want people to be able to participate freely on meta without being badgered about doing work for others – so just a heads up, we’re now formally enforcing a policy that has been informally enforced in the past: All …

Category definition for marketplace (1)
【PAID】Discourse design and template (1)
Looking for a Discourse Expert (3)
[PAID] Private Message indexer with search filters (1)
[Hiring] - Create custom markdown function (1)
Hiring - Create automatic invitations to new users through API (5)
Make group require manual approval before posting (forever) (2)
[HIRING] : Backend & Frontend Discourse Developer (1)
Un-suppress from latest topics - if it has comments (5)
«Paid Membership» plugin with PayPal integration! (version 3.0, 2015-08-31) ( 2 ) (35)
Got a good person to help me thanks installing to my site on virtual server. $ (4)
New plugin build: Discourse 2-way API Comment System (4)
[HIRING] : Custom Discourse Theme (3)
Build a browser fingerprinting plugin (2)
[Paid] Create a way to link to multiple select categories (create archive plugin) (8)
[PAID] - Looking for plugin/modification regrading user groups upon sign-up (4)
SSO with Kajabi (7)
[HIRING] Discourse Metamask integration plugin (4)
Change the discourse signup redirect when using oauth2 (4)
[Paid] Migration from digital ocean to AWS (4)
[PAID]Simple CSS Styling/Installation with SSO on Digital Ocean (4)
Create a plugin to show reputation and level (7)
Deployment and RTL installation request (5)
Plugin sync category Evernote to category Discourse (5)
[Paid] Migration from CMNTY to Discourse (5)
Strip down Discourse Hosted - paid (4)
HIRING: Voice Chat/Call Feature (5)
[Hiring] Help customizing navigation on Discourse + Wordpress (2)
Looking for Pro for Discourse Forum Customized Structure - Consult (2)