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Discussion about existing Discourse features, how they can be improved or enhanced, and how proposed new features could work.

Educate users to write well-structured posts [feature] (2)
Ability to disable versioning for specific topics / posts [feature] (11)
Captive Landing Topic [feature] (5)
Token scanning to filter private data [feature] (2)
Post notices for first-time and returning users [announcements] (16)
Discourse + WordPress embed block [feature] (5)
Feature request: Sort display of topics Alphabetically [feature] (5)
Will Discourse ever gain ignore user functionality? ( 2 3 ) [feature] (40)
Comment / indirect reply [feature] (2)
Integrating discourse forum with private club membership site built on Wordpress [feature] (5)
Bigger intervals/ lower frequency for activity summary? [feature] (1)
Catch and educate users posting code without properly formatting it ( 2 ) [feature] (22)
Group administration functions should be better surfaced [feature] (5)
Experimental Desktop PWA works with Discourse! [announcements] (20)
Introducing Font Awesome 5 and SVG icons ( 2 3 4 5 ) [announcements] (85)
Automatic Actions based on Words found in posts [announcements] (6)
Update seeded categories and topics [announcements] (15)
Disable Code Formatting for inappropriate 4 space indent? [feature] (8)
Topic timer (without topic closure) [feature] (5)
Instagram Login? Possible/Done? [feature] (12)
Tagging users (with interests/passions/skills etc) [feature] (9)
Implement Badging API [feature] (5)
Feature proposal: action post on split topic [feature] (3)
Allow users to select title from multiple groups they belong to [feature] (2)
Cross discourse category hosting? [feature] (9)
How to automatically have FAQ and Categories "About" localized [feature] (6)
Browser-based PDF Viewer with search and highlighting capabilities [feature] (6)
Custom colors for default letter avatar generator [feature] (3)
Free to edit post at any time ( 2 ) [feature] (32)