- Moderators cannot see Users Admin page

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Hi All,

Recently updated discourse to and now my mods are reporting they cannot access any users ‘admin’ page. I have impersonated them on the forum and can see that it takes them to /admin/users/USERNAME but gives a blank page. I then went to /admin/users, they can see the list of users, but they get a blank page when they try to click on a user.

I (as admin) can continue to do this fine… Has some sort of permission changed?


They may need to clear their cache.





See the link below (six paragraphs down is how I do it).

If this doesn’t work you can rebuild your app and see if it shakes out.


Beyond this there are some bigger brains here that can help, but try these suggestions and see if they help.

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Hi @Frank - Thanks for the reply.

Clearing cache was the first thing I had them do with no result.
I have rebuilt the app (which caused an issue with nginx so had to git pull to resolve’) - forum is back up but when I impersonate the mods, I still cannot get to /admin/users/username. They can get to /admin/users and see all the users, but they only see the header when they click on a user. Very strange.

I’ll gladly try anything else anyone suggests - was working fine on, now updated to

Thanks all

(Jeff Atwood) #4

How old of a version did you update from? We did remove a lot of permissions from moderators months ago.

(Sam Saffron) #5

I suspect this is a new regression, been mentioned a few time over weekend, I think mods used to be allowed to see the page but selectively disallowed from certain actions.

Marking as bug while we investigate.

(Alles ist erlaubt) #6

Moderators are notified about pending user registrations, but cannot actually access the user page (it won’t render because of 404 on /admin/groups.json). So if permissions were altered on purpose, there certainly are a few more places left to change in the code. :wink:

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@lightyear this sounds like your regression.

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