"1 New update " how can I do that?

(Hakan) #1

meta.discourse As it is on this site, the new issues seem to be pushing.

But on my site, I have to update my homepage every time, it does not look like the picture below. Is this a setting? how can i do it on my own site


(Hakan) #2

this feature does not work on my site, is there anyone to help?

(Kane York) #3

If you open up your developer tools, are requests to /poll properly waiting for ~30seconds before completing?

(Hakan) #4

I do not understand what you mean. how do I open this setting? will you tell me in detail

(Bhanu Sharma) #5

In a browser of your choice, visit your forum
then hit F12 on keyboard
then Go to Network tab
See there will be an entry called poll
calculate the difference between two poll entries

(Hakan) #6

my site is updated in 1 minute. But the feature in the picture does not appear " 1 New Update … not showing )

(Hakan) #7

I still can not see it on my site, how do I activate this feature

(Bhanu Sharma) #8

I’m sorry, there is no way to activate this feature. It is supposed to be enabled by default and without a way to disable it. So if you’re not getting it, You’re just out of luck.

I’m sorry about that.

(Hakan) #9

my English is not so good, I mean.

1 new post or update "feature does not work on my site How can I activate it?

(Bhanu Sharma) #10

Those ‘1 New post’ notifications are a result of polling. You haven’t provided any details regarding that as requested by @riking above.

To my understanding (which is not very elaborate) there is no setting in the UI that you enable for it to work. It happens automatically.

(Hakan) #11

this is my default setting. my site is entering a new text every 1 minute but I need to renew my home every time, there is no 1 new update like meta.discourse

(Bhanu Sharma) #12

Can you pleass follow these steps?

(Hakan) #13

Its my website f12

(Bhanu Sharma) #14

You have to wait for it to /poll a few times to calculate the difference between them

(Hakan) #15

How do I rate poll at minimum level, I mean my post is added a new post every 1 minute

(Hakan) #16

(Hakan) #17

how do I activate this button on my site and still have not received a response: D

(Jeff Atwood) #18

Your install may be broken. Did you follow the official install guide exactly, step by step? Did you deviate from any of those steps in any way, however small?

Also if you have any third party plugins, disable them and rebuild.

(Hakan) #19

I did not upload a new one, I have installed it for 2 months and made continuous updates.

Besides, should I activate this feature? How can I do it

(Jeff Atwood) #20

Are you sure it is broken? Let’s confirm exactly:

  1. In a different web browser, create a new user and log in, idling at the homepage.
  2. In your usual web browser, log in as yourself and create a new topic.

User #1 should see the blue bar on the homepage indicating it was updated.

If this does not happen, something is broken with your install.