-1 topic with category name?

I have two duplicate posted topics, each titled the same as the category they’re in, and each with a -1 reply count. If clicked, neither topic has content, and there isn’t a wrench to delete the topic.

Two questions: (1) how do I delete these topics? (2) how did this happen? I’d like to avoid this happening in the future.

Thank you in advance!

  • How did you create these two topics? By any chance, did they show up after a migration of some sort? Are you running any unofficial plugins?

  • Does this happen for all new topics you create or just these two?

$ rails c
> Topic.find(id).destroy

Where id is the topic_id in your browser url.


I have no idea how these were created, actually. No migration, and yes, (several) unofficial plugins.

Just these two.

I will try your method of destroying g the topics. Thank you!

You’re confident these are not the required “About {category}” category description topics? Deleting those will cause bad things to happen, so I want to make sure.


The “about” topic is there:

Can I simply destroy the category? I’m not invested in it, and it would be easy to set it back up.

I see -1 reply counts when a topic that was in the review queue gets deleted eg. “?status=deleted”

AFAIK non-staff members would not see any -1 counts so I’ve not considered it to be a high priority concern.

Related, "1"s can go to "0"s


@Joshua_Kogan take a look here

you should be able to solve the issue.


Thank you, @Dax. That was a really big help!