10-min edit glitch around flagging of staff posts

(Wolftune) #1

Continuing the discussion from "Take Action" button failing to hide self-flagged posts by moderators or admins:

So, staff can flag one another’s posts (and that’s good). But there’s a UX bug. Reproduction steps:

  • Staff flag another staff’s post
  • flagged poster gets system PM prompting an edit
  • poster edits the flagged post
  • expectation: post unhidden, PM unlisted, flag cleared
  • actual: post remains hidden, PM remains listed, flag uncleared

Reason: the edit happened in less than 10 minutes after the flagging. Whereas (I’m assuming here) a normal user will not be allowed to edit their flagged post until after the 10-minute delay, the staff can always edit.

Suggestion: simply turn off the 10-minute delay for flagged staff posts and let even an immediate edit do all the flag clearing stuff and unhide the post etc.

(Mittineague) #2

I’m not sure how much a “when something that shouldn’t be done is done things break” is a Bug. But in any case I think the fix here would be to disable the ability for a Staff member to Flag hide another Staff member’s post. i.e. Limit the modal to “message the member” and “something else”.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yet again, this idea that staff should regularly flag other staff posts is swimming upstream.

I agree it is sort of a bug, but this is such a weird use of Discourse that I am uncomfortable spending our valuable engineering time on it, as it will be of benefit to virtually no other Discourse instances outside your own. I suggest that you should hire a developer to work on these things specific to the highly unusual way you choose to operate your instance.

(Wolftune) #4

We will do what we can to advance the flagging ideas that I’ve brought up broadly. They will be useful to tons of other instances since they actually do make sense. The idea of staff flagging one another is not a crazy thing at all. Staff might post off-topic or inappropriate things at times, and it’s simple enough to use the same process as with anyone else. Flag, edit, fixed. I really don’t like this just being rejected as “weird”, as much as I want to avoid confrontation on this topic.

Anyway, in this case, there’s already a checkbox in the admin prefs for allowing staff posts to be flagged. I didn’t request or create that. It works fine, everything is usable. This one bug would be nice to be fixed.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

That would indeed be nice, it would also be nice if we had infinite money to build things, so I could pay everyone’s salary and hire people.

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