100% CPU Usage with Vagrant Setup

(Karma Kolabor) #1

Hi, this is the official bugtracker, yes? wondering a little bit about, however, if it is, then ok :slightly_smiling:

I followed the vagrant installation guide and the discourse instance seems to work ok, but CPU usage is absurdly high and sticks at 100%.

I am not completely new at rails, but new at discourse, however this is just following-the-guide, so no fiddling, no customizations, everything oob - I would like to consider this a bug.

Any hint?

Thank you very much for your attention,

(Sam Saffron) #2

We need a lot more information here.

For starters, what is taking 100% cpu?


I experience this as well occasionally, but only after leaving vagrant running for a longer period of time and putting my MacBook to sleep several times during this period. After restarting the VM everything is back to normal… I can live with that.

Can’t tell when exactly it’s happening as I only notice when the fan starts spinning with >5000rpm.