150 registered users and 14k monthly readers - is it too little for a small specialized community?

(Anton) #1

After 9 months of enthusiastic effort of 5+ people, our forum is now just 150 registered users (no fake ones), 500 topics, 5k messages, 14k visitors / month, ~1.2 session / visitor, 4.5m reading time per session.

I find it very hard to build a large community and readers base when it comes to a very specialized area (Ukrainian goat farmers in my case).

Just wondering, is this really too little even for a small community, or is it close to an average for many other small communities?


How much traffic do you receive from Google Search? (Organic)?

(Jakob Borg) #3

That sounds like in the same ballpark as the small forum I run, which feels lively enough.

But I guess it may also depend on how internet oriented your users are.

(Anton) #4

For last 30 days:

Not internet oriented at all.

(Michael Downey) #5

This depends purely on your people:

  1. How friendly are they?
  2. How much “off topic” chat is allowed on the site?
  3. How many types of topics are there to discuss?
  4. How much free time do they have?

The numbers themselves seem fine to me.

(Fábio Machado De Oliveira) #6

My totally unqualified opinion is that you’re doing very well.

I just found that Google Translator doesn’t work with discourse.

(Kane York) #7

However, the Google Translate built into Chrome (“Translate this page into English”) works perfectly fine.