causing AV software to flag site?

I upgraded my sandbox this morning and when I visit the site now my AV software flags it as suspicious, specifically from the images hosted on Digital Ocean. This did not happen prior to the update and still doesn’t on my main site so I am a bit leary to upgrade my site. Were there any changes that could potentially cause this? I’ve reached out to DO to see if they’re having any issues, but it seems it may be caused by the new build.

Do both servers use the same DO spaces?

That’s not a discourse URL, looks like that DO space was blacklisted. Probably because a site served a malicious asset.

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Yes they use the same space. My initial reaction would be that it’s a DO problem like you stated, but it was odd that it happened right after the upgrade, and only on the sandbox, not on my main site which hasn’t been upgraded…

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I would reach out to your AV provider and DO. They’re flagging the host not specific code you’re receiving from it.


You should also point a use the S3_CDN env so you can:

  • Use a CDN to deliver s3 assets

  • Keep that in a domain you control. Using a shared domain will always end like that, and this is not the first time a DO domain gets flagged by some random anti virus.