[2.7.0.beta4] translation

New features in 2.7.0.beta4

Login Modal UI Revamp

Having translation issue with it :slight_smile:

Cicled in blue/bold : not autotranslated
Circled in thin red : correctly translated to French

How can I help with french as my mother tongue ?


Anyway, I feel some strings are being marked as untranslated because the English text had a minor change (using the same translation key) while the overall meaning is still the same.

If that’s indeed the case maybe Discourse could keep the previous translated string and just mark them as fuzzy, to be properly fixed when possible on Crowdin.


Thanks for the crowdin link !

I tried to connect, but the charging icon keep moving, and I can’t access the website. Is it down, or is it my laptop that is too weak for it ?

If I ever able to connect the website, is there a way to find specifically the line I’m talking about ? I don’t have the time to translate every missing one ^^

About the translated or not lines :

Welcome Back

bienvenue à nouveau

Log in to your account

Se connecter à son compte

Create your account

Créer un compte

And also, why do not all the connection option use via instead of with, that has to be translated ?


via is the French translation. with is a missing translation (English fallback). avec is an inconsistent French translation.


avec or via are both consistent french translation in my mind