3 things I badly want Discourse to have by default!

(Pradeep Kumar) #1

We recently kickstarted our HellBound Bloggers (HBB) Forum powered by Discourse, we love it so far, and I’m sure this will be our permanent medium for building our community.

Though I love everything here, I love to see some features to be added to this awesome platform, some of them include:

1. “New Topic” button on all the topics

I came across plenty of tutorials, but unfortunately this is something which is confusing me a lot. Why not a “New Topic” button by default on all the pages? It’ll be easy for the visitor/member to just click on that to create a new topic instead of going to the homepage for that right.

2. Bitly (custom short URLs) integration

We have a custom short URL for our brand (http://hbb.me) and it’s powered by Bitly. We would definitely love to make use of this for our forum threads.

3. In-built broken link checker?

As a forum, plenty of members share links every day, they even edit the posts later and the URLs gets changed as well. So this in-built broken link checker will be pretty helpful in the long run to fix all the orphan links.

These are some of my kind suggestions, if you have any, please do share!


I like them all but they don’t appear to be core Discourse requirements and they are all suited to user add-ons. I’m sure the Discourse team will have an opinion on this to confirm this.

  1. “New topic” button
    I appreciate what you’re saying because I had that problem today for the first time: I forgot where the “New topic” button is and I forgot the keyboard shortcut C so I wasted a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Shortened URLs
    This, and URL expansion, haven’t got enough traction in the past. I don’t think that anybody has proved their value by creating a Discourse plug-in.

  • Broken-link checker
    This has come up before for sites that want to be wikis. Again, I’d expect a plug-in to exist given there’s third-party resources that can be used.

(Pradeep Kumar) #3

Just a small update, #1 is done. :’)

Thank you @Johani for the theme component. :smiley:

Waiting for the other features (along with others). :wink:

(Kane York) #4

Something that might be better is a template-based short URL. No need for the client to make a request every time they click the share button!

If Discourse could be told it has an extra “short” domain, you could have links like http://f.hbb.me/t/61825/3?u=riking (note the ‘t’ in front of the number).

(Pradeep Kumar) #5

That looks great; we have a similar one (integrated with CloudApp) for screenshots!


This http://f.hbb.me/t/61825/3?u=riking looks perfect as well, but I felt the whole point of shortening is to make it friendly for Social Media and stuff.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I’m closing this. Please open one discussion per topic please. Kitchen sink topics are unworkable.

(Jeff Atwood) #7