404 After Login with admin account with Cloudflare

I’m getting a 404 after logging in with an admin account on a brand new server using the Beginner Docker install guide .

The following is the behavior I’m seeing:
example.com -> login with admin -> 404 -> clear cookies to return back to original state -> Login with an user -> login successful -> log out -> login with admin -> 404 and I need to clear the cookies again to even see the website.

What seems to have triggered the issue was from changing the Cloudflare SSL settings to use the SSL with Letsencrypt but I don’t understand why it’s only happening with one account and I can’t fix it by changing the settings back.

Seems like cloudflare’s caching is messing with discourse. Disable clouflare optimization (on DNS tab, click on orange cloud for your forum sub domain and make it grey)

After that, wait a few minutes and refresh by CTRL+ F5