404 error on base url / frontpage

a few upgrades ago, my discourse started to give a 404 - “oops, this page doesn’t exist or is private” when I go to the base URL discourse.mydomain.com. This happens both when I am logged in as a normal user, as admin or when I am not logged in at all.
As a logged in user I can still click on the buttons for “Current” and “new” posts, and from there everything works fine. But the base url still gives me that 404 when I go back.
Unfortunately I can’t fully reconstruct, what was done before that error occurred. Does someone recognize that error and point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,

Try safe-mode to rule out any plugin / theme issues.



Thanks for the tip - safe mode didn’t change anything.

You’ll need to remove all third party plugins and do a quick rebuild.

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I have no plugins installed at all, apart from the docker_manager

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Well that’s really strange! If you’ve ruled out themes and have no plugins installed, I’m not sure.

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yeah, me neither :wink: but I appreciate the quick response, thanks!

I’m not sure. Do you have errors in the logs? It just doesn’t happen that the logs say?


My guess, which may be totally wrong, is that you have multiple a records for your domain, so sometimes you get the wrong server.