404 error requesting endpoint `/notifications/reset-new` on 1.4.0.beta4

(Apparently Archetype) #1

It seems that the endpoint /notifications/reset-new has been removed or renamed in Discourse 1.4.0.beta4

This functionality was previously used to reset unread counters for notifications.

Has this feature been removed from discourse? Has it been renamed? If the endpoint has been moved what is the new endpoint and is there any documentation or mailing list or similar i can subscribe to/read that will tell me when this sort of API level change occurs?

mark_read via REST
Possibility to selectively (or completely) mark notifications as read
(Apparently Archetype) #2

Ah. After digging around in the network tab of chrome dev tools it looks like the endpoint has been moved to /notifications/mark-read

I understand that my usage case here is rather nonstandard, but having a communication channel for API changes like this would be really appreciated.