404 page styling not working

(Clay Heaton) #1

On several instances of Discourse managed by members of my team, everything is working just fine – except 404 pages are rendered without most of the page structure. For example, it looks like this:

Any idea what is happening here or how we can fix it?

p.s. We haven’t injected any CSS or made any abnormal settings, other than point to a logo and other baseline stuff.

(Martin Duparc) #2

Adding some details to what Clay posted.

We are runing 1.2.0.beta5 and compared to the meta.disource.org 404, one element missing is a css file located in /uploads/stylesheet-cache/desktop_somehash.css

(Sam Saffron) #3

Can you update to latest, I mucked around with this a few weeks ago

(Jeff Atwood) #4

No this was probably my bug actually. But yeah, update to latest.

(Clay Heaton) #5

That took care of it. Thanks!

p.s. The “clown vomit” still exists on the 404 page. :smile:

(Robin Ward) #6

Not for long!


(Jeff Atwood) #7