500 Error after docker and discourse upgrade

(Keith Guerrette) #1

A few days ago I attempted to use the front end to upgrade discourse. I walked away and let it sit over night, it hung in the mid percentages, and never finished (I’m pretty sure now it’s due to lack of memory). I wasn’t able to get back to it until today, when I saw that there is a new docker image to update as well. So I ran through that update, per the instructions (https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-docker-image-version-1-3-3-released/), and as far as I can tell, had no errors.

Unfortunately, when loading my url or IP, i get this error: (

I didn’t have a swap file setup when running any of the updates, but I have since run through these instructions:

and running free mem tells me that it’s setup correctly:

I’ve tried destroying my image, and re-bootstrapping, according to this post:

as well as
./launcher rebuild app

But no luck. I’m still quite a noob to all of this, but I’ve stabbed in the dark in just about every direction I could think of, so I’ll happily take any guidance you guys could provide.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Do you get an error in the rebuild?

If you are using any third party plugins, disable them all and try rebuilding.

(Keith Guerrette) #3

That’s a great call - I hadn’t thought about my plugins…

I tried commenting them out from the app.yml and rebuilding. My build log is completely error free (at least that I’m seeing). I’m now getting a 502 error instead of a flat 500.

I’m going to go get some rest and keep cracking at this in the morning. I want to make sure I’ve correctly removed the plugins, and I’ll probably paste a chunk of my build log here.

Thanks for the guidance!

[Post edit] - Checking the /admin/upgrade page still shows my plugins, so I assume I didn’t pull them out correctly. Will try again in the morning.

(Keith Guerrette) #4

Looks like the Topic List Preview plugin was the culprit for me:

Thank you @codinghorror!

(Angus McLeod) #5

This is fixed.