500 "Oops" Error Caused By Unofficial Plugin, Safe-Mode Doesn't Work

(Carey B) #1

I’ve exhausted my limited expertise.

I was attempting to use an older design of http://forum.ackerlygreen.com as a separate theme. I reactivated an older custom plugin I had designed to show a branding splash at the top of the page and once activated it led to the 500 error.

Safe mode(The Ackerly Green Forum) doesn’t work.
I tried restarting/rebuilding through the console which didn’t change anything.
I know the names of the plugins but don’t know how to access/delete them at the console level.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated!

(Carey B) #2

I accessed the plugins list in app.yml, deleted the lines of the two problematic plugins per this post and this post, saved, rebuilt, and regained access.

(Jeff Atwood) #3