502 error while importing private theme

(Ankit) #1


I am getting 502 timeout error while importing private theme but public theme importing working fine.

may I know what can be the possbile issue ?

(David Taylor) #2

Hi Ankit,

Is this on a standard docker installation, or in a local development environment?

(Ankit) #3

Hi @david I have used the docker installation and making installation on AWS ec2 Ubuntu instance

Version I am using for discourse is 2.2.0 beta2

(David Taylor) #4

Can you describe the steps you have taken? We have a guide here: How to source a theme from a private git repository

(Ankit) #5

@david Yeah I have followed the instruction from the same link.

when I check the ngnix logs its shows me something like
*58 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream

On more I am getting the timeout error after 30 sec every time. Is there any configuration I am missing ?