504 bad gateway errors and a cry for help!

Hi guys and gals.

This is a bit of an odd, vague one because I’m entirely unqualified to discuss this sort of stuff, so I’m reaching out for a bit of advice.

I’m an administrator of a discourse based video game fansite/forum at forum.footballmanagernow.co.uk

The site is currently down due to a 504 bad gateway error. Our domain is in date, and according to our hosts, Digital Ocean, our discourse droplet is fully operational.

I inherited the site from somebody else, so I have no other way of trying to figure out what the cause is. Could anybody provide even the slightest semblance of advice?


The number one thing to try is

  1. log in to the server via SSH

  2. update the OS using the auto-update features built into the OS (optional, but nice to do)

  3. rebuild Discourse to latest version

    cd /var/discourse
    git pull
    ./launcher rebuild app

You may also need to update Docker to the latest version depending on how old the install is.

Also you can contact Jay at https://www.literatecomputing.com/ and he can get you sorted for an inexpensive flat rate as well.


Very little of that made any sense to me, which I predicted would be the case! However, I’ll pass this on to the dude who has access to the Digital Ocean account, as he’s the one who pays the bills, and see what we can do from there.



We got it fixed in the end, ultimately my forum co-admin Nick, who got access to the Digital Ocean account, turned the droplet off and restarted it (or something to that effect). So we’re not sure what was actually wrong, but it’s now working…so that’s something!

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