A partially private discourse site and "uncategorized" category

(Andrea Borruso) #1

I would like to create a discourse site with 5 private categories and only one public.

And I would like that the proposed default category was private.

I could use “uncategorized” category, but I think it’s impossible to have it as private one. Am I wrong?

Thank yoi

(Vinoth Kannan) #2

Yes. You can’t do that. Use something else as private.

(Andrea Borruso) #3

hi @vinothkannans how to choose a default category that is not public?

I would like that by default the users do not write in public spaces.

Thank you

(Steve Combs) #4

You can turn off this setting

Allow topics to be created without a category.

Users would have to pick a category.

(Mittineague) #5

I guess having the public category with “everyone” permissions and a private category with “trust_level_0” (or other group) permissions could work. The point is, AFAIK, for a member to be able to choose or default post to a non-public category they will need to belong to a group that the category’s permissions allow.