A question regarding iOS shortcut

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Hi Discourse!

I have create a homescreen shortcut to access directly into the Infinite flight Community forum but when i’m in the “false” app, i can’t navigate to the previous page.

And when i exit the app or switch in another app then i open new time my shortcut, he start at the community.infinite-flight.com, the default link…

Its a iOS issue or another thing?

sorry for my bad english and if is it duplicate :slightly_smiling:

i’m a very very frequent user of Infninite Flight Community (signup aug’15, 98/100 days visited)

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Works fine here, what version of iOS are you using, in my tests it’s 100% the same as using safari

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I will make a video later to explain you better.


Hi, sorry for bumping this topic (I don’t know all the forum etiquette here). I’m part of the Infinite Flight Community too. I was having the same issue as described above by @grxninesix. When the website is added to my home page via Safari, the back/forward arrows and top url bar never appear when using the shortcut - it seems that only some websites actually open up Safari from the shortcut so you can use all the browser tools. I have reverted to just using the standard Safari since it provides an easier browsing experience. Any help would be much appreciated (otherwise this is my chance to say thanks for this amazing tool you’ve built!) :slight_smile:

(OG) #5

That is completely different behavior than in my experience… I have iOS 9.3.4 on iPad and Home Page icon just runs Safari (with all the other tabs still open).

I’d be interested in finding what is the cause…


The reason for this is a meta-tag that tells Safari to not display the user interface when the site is being used through a homepage icon.

<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">

See Mac Developer Library for details.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Where are you seeing this tag? I don’t see in the mobile layout HTML for this page, for example, in the simulator.


It’s on the Infinite Flight Community site. I also see it when I fake iOS UA:

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Looks like they added that meta tag, it is not in default Discourse.


@Carson could you have a quick look at this? Maybe this could be changed.