A staff action of "check email" is confusing

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #1

here in the staff action logs, check email is really confusing, especially as compared to viewed email address

that’s really long, so I suppose renaming it to viewed address is better.

edit - fixed typo

(cpradio) #2

You could probably change that translation on your own instance using the customize text ability. But viewed emailed sounds like something entirely different than what this action denotes.

The action is depicting when a moderator clicks a button to see the email address of a list of users or a given user.

(Mittineague) #3

Just clarifying

You posted in Support and say it’s confusing.
This suggests you are having some problems using the feature.

Yet I get the feeling this is more about the semantics.
i.e. that “check” does not adequately describe the action.

To me “checked” makes perfect sense. As a Moderator that is (hopefully) what is being done. eg.

SpamGuy2 looks a lot like SpamGuy1 that got Suspended.
To substantiate my suspicions I check their email addresses and see
SpamGuy1 asdf+28@spamsite.com
SpamGuy2 asdf+43@spamsite.com

That, taken in combination with other similarities might be enough to get me to act more severely with SpamGuy2

IMHO Moderators having the ability to check email addresses is crucial for them to be able to do sufficient “fact checking” but I can understand that some may have little trust in their Moderators and want to keep tabs on them more than they do on errant members.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #4

yeah I pasted wrong thing. Viewed emailed is not what I intended.

Viewed address is the clearest two word explanation. Viewed email address is clearest.