A way to display or discover the Topic title on the mobile UI?

(ljpp) #1

I administrate a sports forum (Tappara.co, in Finnish), ice hockey to be more specific. While we are trying to push for high thread granularity, many of the discussed topics naturally relate to each others: Players, coaches, games, referees are all pieces of the same puzzle and often you cannot discuss one without the other.

There has been some feedback lately about the fact that the topic title is not shown on the mobile UI. This is totally understandable due to the limited screen real estate, but in our scenario it is actually a very valid point. Sometimes it is not immediately apparent whether the Topic deals with a specific game (FLA vs TBL), individual (Alexander Barkov Jr), or something about the big picture (Best centers in the NHL). I would assume this usability issue is even more valid if you land to a Topic via Google.

Currently there are two ways I am aware of to discover the Topic title on mobile:

  • Check the browser URL for clues
  • Have a look at the top of the thread (our threads are long)

Neither of these are ideal. Any ideas how to improve this for our community?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You can also initiate a reply which will display the editor, but the reply has to be to the topic which implies you are near the end of the topic and thus the topic action buttons.

(Mittineague) #3

I don’t know how it could be done in mobile (no such thing as a mouseover hover)

But having the topic title as a tooltip for something (but what exactly?) might work.

(Dave McClure) #4

See also:

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