A way to post in staff directory with nonstaff members accessing it

(Pad Pors) #1

just like the posts that are used as FAQ or community guide, they are topics in the staff directory which can be accessed directly for others.

can I have other topics like this as well? I want to have both FAQ and Guide, but both of them are pointing to the same topic (topic 5) in the staff directory so I can only have one of them.

(Kane York) #2

Those three topics are a little special and no, you can’t easily add more.

However, what you can do is set the FAQ URL site setting to a publicly visible post.

(Pad Pors) #3

thanks, and another question:

when i set the FAQ url to a visible topic, if one clicks on the FAQ-tab in the “about” page, he goes out of the page, and it doesn’t work like other tabs (which are shown in the same page).

this is not that bad, but not that good as well. is there a way to fix it?