Ability to add your public profiles(linkedin, facebook, twitter)


(Sidharth Madan) #1

Ability to add your public profiles(linkedin, facebook, twitter) to your discourse profile.
Quora.com does this in a very neat way.

I think this feature would be really useful for forum moderators/users to show off their credibility. And thus would drive more traffic to any forum that uses discourse.

(Nicholas Perry) #2

I had mine added in as links within my About Me, but then they ended up being truncated so I had to redo them.

Personally, I’d prefer to have the discourse 'About Me" section support the same formatting as posts and topics - then it would be just a matter of using the right template to highlight those other sites.

I don’t know how much they are going to be focusing on the profile pages. the last I remeber reading from @codinghorror was that it wasn’t a priority - but that may have changed.

(Sam Saffron) #3

We are open to a pull request that at least gathers these external links in some ordered way. I kind of like the visual mock of what quora does, but would start with simply allowing people to enter this information.

(Sidharth Madan) #4

I am willing to chip some money in if anyone or anyone you know is willing to do this feature and send a pull request. @ultimape @sam

(Eero Heikkinen) #5

There’s quite a lot of external services you could connect with. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Soundcloud, last.fm, tumblr, imgfave and so forth. I think it would be cleanest to have a separate field for each of these in your user preferences, if the services are relevant to the user base of your Discourse community. Maybe they could be implemented as extensions? You might want to do deeper integration with some of them.

(Alexander) #6

Smells like a plugin to me


it s been more than a year and I am wondering if maybe something has been done to allow this facebook “integration” ?

(Jeff) #8

I second this.

The forum my company set up is heavily oriented around YouTube. For users to be able to have a quick link to their YouTube channels would be absolutely fantastic (not to mention the aforementioned social media profiles).

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Users can always edit in as many links as they want in the “About Me” field of their profile, for example on my profile you will see

and similar on the user card that displays when you click or tap my avatar over there ← ←

(Crackmacs) #10

With discourse already supporting social media to some degree (eg. logging in via facebook) it would seem okay to me to include the usual profile links. Or maybe allowing html/css customisation of the ‘about me’ field?

(Jeffrey Keefer) #11

I agree, while users can manually type in their social media account specs, that is not the most user friendly thing to do.

I just had a request to see if there is an easier way to do this, as it may enable expanding the network and collaborative opportunities if there were some simple ways of adding or flowing these things in, such as what @Sidharth_Madan suggested. Perhaps this can flow from Gravatar or WordPress?

(Sebastian) #12

with some font awesome in there it might even look cool. can we have font awesome in the “about” field?

(Rich Griese) #13

Is there a solution for this? I noticed this user Profile - mcwumbly - Discourse Meta seems to have accomplished it, but I can’t figure it out.


(Dave McClure) #14

I just wrote the link as markdown in the about me box:


(Rich Griese) #15

Ok… thanks. I have done the same thing, but the link do not show as clickable. Perhaps there is some kind of timer that does not allow newbies like me create clickable links. Or some kind of queue that the updated file has to go through. In any case, thanks for the replay, and it’s good to know that at least it’s nothing I am overlooking.


(Jeff Atwood) #16

New users don’t have clickable profile links, your intuition is correct here.

(Rich Griese) #17


Thanks for the confirmation. I can be patient. Looking forward to checking out the product.


(Rich Griese) #18

LOL… either one of the systems gods saw my question and bumped me up in the timing queue… or the timing just coincidentally came up on it’s own. Looks like I am clickable.


(Mitchell Krog) #19

While markdown works, most users on a forum won’t know how to do that. It would be best integrated into the User Profile settings page so they can simply pop in all their social profile links and have them show up in their profile with proper icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Hope to see this as a feature sometime.

(Alex Tapper) #20

I also ran into the issue of wanting to display social media icons on the user’s profiles that link to their personal accounts. It seems that with the LinkedIn OAuth, we should be able to conditionally display that data on their profile, no?