Ability to allow External Authentication on Invite

(Sam Bauwens) #1

Currently, when you invite someone, he is forced into the username/password authentication scheme, to make sure the person who creates the account is the invitee.

But in our use case we have opened the forum to the public and don’t mind that the invitee logs in with another email than the one with which he was invited, we’d rather give him the ability to use his existing authentication from google, facebook etc.

I know we could just simply invite the user by sending him an email without using discourse invite functionality, but it’s still a problem for other users who invite their friends.

(James Milligan) #2

I haven’t found this happens on my Discourse install. When inviting a user, they can get straight on without a login. To regain access, they can use another login method that has the same email address as the one they were invited in on.

(Sam Bauwens) #3

Oh indeed, I didn’t see that, maybe because when I tested it my google auth didn’t work (for another reason).