Ability to Follow and Friend other users


(Christopher Heald) #42

Sorry, I was suggesting something to support what notifications you would get or views you would see when you follow a user.

(Jeff Atwood) #43

Sure, though I was just thinking the same notifications you usually get on a watched topic, except with the “person” glyph to indicate where it is from.

(Christopher Heald) #44

The person glyph is a perfectly acceptable notification behavior. Two other suggested effects of following users:

  • Following a user also includes their posting activity in the email digest
  • Enable a ‘following’ top menu navigation item that can be optionally added, and that shows either a filtered /top or a filtered /users based on followed users (label: ‘Followed’ or ‘Following’)

Here are some quick mockups (these need a bit more thought - you’d probably want to filter on the already-offered time segments, and default content order).

Based on /users:

Based on /top:

(Alex) #45

So is this going to happen - I think the ability to follow your favorite users in vital

(Sam Saffron) #46

We have civilized mute we will eventually build follow but it is not on the road map yet

(Paula Kreuzer) #47

Instead of following or friending (I’m not a big fan of social media) I’d prefer to just be able to watch and track users.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #48

Do you imagine new posts from Watched Users showing up in a dedicated “Following” tab next to New and Unread, as exemplified in @OnceWas’ post?

Personally I’d prefer it if posts from users I followed simply showed up in Unread, perhaps with a special indicator of some kind, like a different post-count color.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #49

What you’ve described is exactly what ‘following’ would be!


This might also be a great start for a slight introduction into some online presence, but only between mutual ‘followers’ (or trackers/watchers, which may be a more suitable word as @paulkreuzer suggested).

(Paula Kreuzer) #51

Not really, for me it would be sufficient to get a notification about posts from watched users in the speech bubble.

(gingerling) #52

Would be great for Community Managers too. I am just starting to get new people blossoming into regular forum peeps, and it would be interesting for me to be able to “watch” them for a while and see what’s up :smile:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #53

I like the idea of re-using the “Watch/Tracked/Muted” concept from Categories with Users as well. Could re-use the watch-status button from categories on Users’ profile pop-ups:

Though it begs the question:

If a Tracked user posts in a topic I wasn’t previously tracking, am I

  1. now tracking that entire topic, or;
  2. will I only get notifications each time the Tracked user posts something?

I lean towards the latter.

In either case, this should probably result in an unread topic with 31 replies showing a count of “30 old replies” (grey) and “1 new reply” (blue), referring to the one made by your Tracked user.

Another question: Do topics with a Tracked user need a visual indicator? I did some mockups:

I’m not so sure it’s necessary though. I imagine a large portion of the time, you’ll notice the avatar of that followed user in the Users column anyhow. (Somehow prioritising Tracked users in the Users column also came to mind, but I think that quickly gets messy). In the above example, if I was following both riking and codinghorror - which wouldn’t be an odd thing to do since they’re both involved in Discourse development - every one of those topics would get a “Tracked user highlight”.


I like this, too. In fact I was just looking for this feature on meta so I could be notified when metarians who I respect and have the same needs as I post, I know to take a look. But I think it should only be for temporal notifications (excuse me but I’m not yet completely versed on DC notification system).

The notification should just be online or emailed, but onces it’s dismissed (either explicitly or by visiting the new post) it would be removed. If I want to see historical posts by that user I can just use the standard tools from their profile.

The notification of a watched user should be able to be emailed. Note that If you are already receiving a notification/email for that post via other triggers, it shouldn’t be duplicated.

(FichteFoll) #55

I think we can differentiate the use cases between

  1. being interested in the topic the tracked user posted in
  2. being interested in what the user posted

In the former case, I agree that listing them in “Unread” is reasonable and in line with the other usage of Unread currently.
In the latter case, I would instead use a new interface that is sort of like a quotation in the current post flow. It allows you to expand and read the entire post/thread and to jump to the actual post directly in order to continue reading the entire thread, or what they replied to. Ideally, the “what they replied to” post would also be expandable from the new interface directly.

(Alan Foster) #56

I’m going to bump this back to the top because once again, we need this feature and believe it would be extremely valuable to have users control what notifications they receive for discussions that are newly posted.

User Story:
You have 10 minutes to check in on any new and important discussions on the forums, because you’re a busy person managing your own forums. You start by checking if those you follow have posted any new discussions that may have been lost in the page; this can include the admins, your friends, a guildmaster, or somebody you admire. Then you quickly check the most popular discussions, and get back to other responsibilities. @sam, will we be able to Watch and Track users?

(Sam Saffron) #57

This is not in any upcoming release plan, but I am ok, in principle with the “watching a user” feature


I havent found a way to bookmark a profile either. I agree with Omni that for certain types of forums/discussions creating bonds between users is valuable.


Ditto for the need to “bookmark” user pages. Our sites are are rare disease patient support .sites where the members have a number of things in common from liver transplants to insurance issues. While I am not crazy about the whole friending thing and don’t miss it, there are times where members want to easily keep track of each other. Bookmarking other users is a nice compromise. it keeps most discussion where we want it (on the main pages) but allows people to keep in touch with each other. Following is not a workable solution.

(Imran Akbar) #60

My use case is for an alumni network discussion group. Individuals have pre-existing friendships with other users on the site, and would like to be notified when their friends create or reply to a post. If this requires too many changes to Discourse itself, a plugin would also do the trick.


Yes, my community has also expressed interest in being able to follow their friends and get notifications of activity. It’s not something I would really use myself, but if I’ve learned anything it’s that I’m not a typical community member, and as a long-standing and tight-knit community we have genuine relationships between our members.