Ability to Follow and Friend other users



+1 from our community as well.

(Parisa) #83

my community is also interested in this. :+1:


My community would be extremely interest in this. Especially since it’s 2018 and this is a commonly used feature in just about any cms.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #85

Just going to jump in and say that if the feature could seem interesting. I wouldn’t want it if I was the owner of a forum.

Following basically mean you will reduce discoverability in your community which I think is a massive mistake. Let me quote this for example:

If you just browse the forum by looking at the following tab, your chances to discover other investors and participate to other discussions will be considerably lower, resulting in less discussions and less activity.

I see 3 cases:

  • A very identifiable group of people: ask admins to create a group for them.
  • Very random people: I feel like you are just hurting discoverability by trying to follow only these people. Get involved in discussions, track discussions you want to follow, seems way more valuable.
  • Other specific/niche cases: might be valuable but it’s probably too niche for Discourse to be interested in this.

(Mittineague) #86

If there were a way to automatically Watch the categories and topics the followed member was Watching - rationale being interest in a member indicates interest in discussions they’re interested in - I think it might even improve discoverability.


Discourse isn’t a CMS though… :wink:


But it is made for social interactivity, no?


It’s a discussion platform so sure, that’s social interaction.

My response was tongue in cheek because a CMS is designed to manage content, which Discourse is not.

That said, our focus here isn’t on relationships – it’s on discussion – but how others use it is totally up to them, hence the #pr-welcome :slight_smile:

(Kris) #90

I’ve been thinking about it in terms of my local neighborhood association. Anyone from the neighborhood is welcome to attend and we take time to listen to anyone who wants to talk. We intentionally design our meetings to be inclusive, and seek out ways to involve others who may not know about the meetings. There’s some informal leadership, but it’s in place to plan and keep things on track, their personal issues are just as valuable as everyone else’s.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have friends, but we’re specifically there because we want to hear from everyone… friend or not. If we want to hang out with existing friends, or make new ones, the community meeting isn’t the right venue for that… and there are no shortage of ways to accomplish that elsewhere (and we do via email, phone, facebook, etc).

I’ve seen some similarities to discussions on Meta — for example: there are people I’ve literally never seen before who have come here and report bugs or post great ideas that we implement. If it were too easy to simply show up, only look at what people I “value” had to say, and then leave… I’d likely miss out on some of the quieter voices with these great suggestions.

And just like in my neighborhood, If there are people who I’m more interested in for one reason or another, I already tend to follow them on individual-centric networks anyway… because they’re better designed to prioritize various types of individual relationships.

(Guy Fawkes) #91

+1 for this feature as a plugin