Ability to globally set any user preference at the admin level?

(Tobias Eigen) #1

Continuing the discussion from Mailing-list-like sign-up process:

Is this something that could happen eventually? We’d really like it! Setting “mailing list mode” to on by default would be one thing we’d do on our new forum.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Yes, we want to get to this

(Tobias Eigen) #3

Awesome - thanks much. This feature will be very appreciated on this end. The alternative right now is that as new people accept their invitations we edit their notification settings on their behalf.

The community we are shifting to discourse has a culture very much oriented to the way traditional mailing lists work. People are panicking about not getting urgent messages and do not want to wait for digests, or be made to log in to get the very latest updates.