Ability to Ignore a User

(Tarek Khalil) #1


Stemming from these two solid discussions about why this might be ever needed, we started to think and work on allowing a User to ignore another User. We think of this problem as:

  1. I am a user, I want to ignore a specific user’s posts due to X reasons.
  2. I want choose to ignore the other user’s posts:
    a. For a certain topic
    b. For a certain period of time
    c. For certain category
    d. Maybe even just in general – I don’t want to see any of that user’s posts anywhere


We started simple by merging this experimental feature which allow a User to ignore another. We enabled it for meta.discourse.org, and it works as the following:

  1. In any topic, go to the User’s profile page

  1. You can click on the Ignore button to ignore that User
  2. We will now hide any of the User’s posts in any of the Topics, since you ignored this user
  3. You can also Un-ignore the user again the same way by clicking on the Watch button

(David Taylor) unlisted #3

Feature temporarily disabled on Meta due to a small bug. We’ll relist the topic when fixed.

(Gurjyot Singh) #4

Can’t there be a section in everyone’s profile for “Ignored users” much like we have on FB or Instagram for “Blocked Users”? From there we can easily Un-ignore a user if we want.

(Ken Snider) #5

What’s the thinking on this being excluded?

While this is just the beginning, will this feature:

  1. Also hide any quotes of an ignored post?
  2. replies to ignored posts? (perhaps only when #1 is true?)
  3. Ignore other common sources of harassment, such as likes or PMs?

Kudos for the work on this feature! Online harassment and bullying are genuine, present-day issues that lead to reduced participation, chilled speech, and derailed conversations. I’m excited to see Discourse address this directly!

(Jeff Atwood) #6

The feature is a work in progress – we are also going to hide the first post by the ignored user, but we have to invent a bit of new UI for that, first.

(Tarek Khalil) listed #7

(Tarek Khalil) #8

Yes, that’s what we are working on, we think it can look something like this:


Discourse 2.3.0.beta5 Release Notes
Discourse 2.3.0.beta4 Release Notes
(Tarek Khalil) #9

We have added a couple more updates:

  1. You can now Ignore or Un-ignore a User through your preferences:

Go to: Preferences –> Users

  1. If you ignore a user who made the original post in a topic, we will hide the content of the original post

(Sam Saffron) #10

How do we “unhide” the OP?

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Well, we do have a codepath for this w/r/t flagging, when a post is hidden via flagging to threshold, you can click to reveal it. However, I think if the first post is flagged to threshold the entire topic is hidden. We should test that…

(Kane York) #13

Copy suggestion: “Lists all your ignored users” :arrow_right: “Suppress all posts from these users.”

(Tarek Khalil) #14

We have added a couple more updates:

  1. You can now review your Top Ignored Users through a newly added report:


  1. Moderators will also receive a System message to notify them of their community’s ignored users after the number of ignores pass a certain threshold: