Ability to Ignore a User

I cannot find where the ability to ignore can be switched off. It’s not where I would expect it (settings - search ‘ignore’). Could anybody tell me how to go about this?

You’ll need to hide it with CSS targets. This is a fundamental user safety feature like airbags and seat belts in cars.

That’s kind of an odd thing to state as it was never a huge priority in terms of development and wasn’t included as a feature in the first place. And now, we as admins don’t even get the option to choose unless we do some extra coding? This will for sure affect the atmosphere on our forum if anyone locates the option.

I would hardly call spending 5 minutes entering one line of CSS in Admin, Customize … “extra coding”.

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Well, not all of us are experienced enough to do so, I’m afraid.

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I don’t think this is impossible to fix, we will get to it eventually.


On beta11+xx this bug returned

*Ignore doesn’t work when ignored person write something when you reading topic. After F5 post is hidden.

It this correct behaviour? I remember you fix this.

And another one. If the last post is writed by ignored user, the suggested topics are not show.

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Yes, this is a known issue - we hope to have it fixed later this week

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I do feel this was working @david, is it correct to say that it regressed?

Yes, I think the live-loading may have regressed. I think the “stuck unread” has always been an issue.

Will get them both sorted this week.


Great job, update:

FIX: Mark ignored posts as 'read', if last visible post is read (#7739) - if this is “stuck unread”

FIX: Do not live-load posts from ignored users
Not fixed.

I want to ask maybe it will be better this way because people on our forum ask for something like this

Do not hide all “ignored” only text and controll buttons.

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I think that it will be the best solution in my forum too :slight_smile: @david do you think that ignore user could be prepared in this way in the near future?

These issues should now both be resolved


What does it mean if another users profile is hidden? Does it mean that they have muted me, or is it some other mechanism? And if it is, how do I mute them if I can’t see their profile?

It’s probably because ‘‘Hide my public profile and presence features’’ option in profile settings.


I looked for something like this in my profile on another board before I posted here but I couldn’t find it. But I did find an answer to my question. Thanks all so much for your helpful responses.

The “hide my public profile” option is on the Interface settings page. Exactly where one would look to change settings on your profile.


You can still message them but you need to do it manually via a new message and typing in their username.

FIX: Do not live-load posts from ignored users

Still not resolved.

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Care to explain how it’s still not resolved?

There’s a discussion about it on the BBS. From the sounds of it, it seems to be some combination of a post coming in around the tine a user is getting to (but hasn’t reached) the bottom of a topic:

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