Able to act on flag assigned to another user

(Michael Brown) #1

From the flags screen I was not able to take action, but from the topic view I had:

1 person flagged this as inappropriate. Ignore flag.

I was able to ignore the flag (sorry @joffreyjaffeux) from the topic:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is @eviltrout’s new code paths.

(Robin Ward) #3

We can disable the “flag locking” via assign_locks_flags if we find it annoying. It does have the side effect of doing this when something is assigned to someone else.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

@eviltrout the issue isn’t the locking itself, it’s that Michael could bypass the locking.

(Michael Brown) #5

Right, exactly. I saw there was one flag in notifications, checked on it, noticed it was assigned to Joffrey, then clicked through to the topic itself.

Once I was there I saw ‘Ignore flag’ and wondered “Hmmm does THAT still work?” It did, which is the problem.

(Robin Ward) #6

Oooh I see, indeed a bug.