Able to see latest posts even when access to category is limited

We are leveraging TL to limit what new users can see, limiting posting to one category. Unfortunately when the user first logins they see the latest posts on the homepage. We would rather not use the option to suppress a category from the homepage since this would also impact all our users. We simply want to restrict new users from seeing threads in categories which they do not have access to.

How is this even possible? If you restrict a specific group to see a specific category, then they won’t be able to see its thread too. For instance, if you restrict new users - TL0 - from having access to one category, they wont be able to see it, unless they get promoted to the next Trust Level.

I believe some posts were migrated without a category, so I think we might have not restricted uncategorized posts

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Then the easiest approach would be to create a new category with the security settings that you want and move the uncategorised posts into it.


The posts are actually in specific categories, but when accessing with a TL0 user, they continue tot see the posts, but no category info appearing underneath.

What are the category security settings set to? This sounds like there may be a permission that slipped in there allowing users access.