About category not showing in header

I’m not sure it’s called a “Header” (feel free to edit my topic title), my screenshots will illustrate better: Until recently when I was writing something in the “About…” post of a new category, the text would also show up next to the category logo/image. That is not the case with a category I just created now. Discourse version 2.8.0.beta2.

Is this an updated feature and the new expected behaviour or could I have made something that caused that discrepancy with the expected behavior? How may I re-enable that text to show?

The 1st screenshot shows where it’s missing (see the blue hand-drawn question mark), and another one showing the expected behavior.

Based on your screenshot, it seems that the category’s About topic has been updated from its default text. This is all that should need to be done to have the category’s About topic’s text displayed next to its image. Is the text still failing to appear? I’m wondering if all that needed to be done was to refresh the page to have the About text displayed.

You are correct, but not the simple refresh fixed it. It took me to log off and log back in to finally see it displayed up there.

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