About importing videos when you are under 13


So when I try to import a video on to a post using the image object it won’t let me is there any way to import videos without the being uploaded to a sight straight to the forum? Thanks! Also if not can you maybe but that on your to-do list? From the fluffy bear


What do you mean by importing videos? Do you mean something like this?

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If you need to share a video, upload it to YouTube or similar, then copy a link to the video and put it on a line by itself.


Yes but without having to make it have a link!


The only thing is I don’t have a YouTube

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You cannot reach https://www.YouTube.com ?


What kind of a video you want to show? Locally hosted? imported from another provider?


I can reach it I just don’t have a YouTube account I am younger so I am not old enough!


From my camera roll would be nice!

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So you need a video sharing service that supports under 13 years old?


Er kinda or just being able to import a video right from your camera roll!

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We are not a video hosting service, video files can be hundreds of megabytes in size.


You mean uploading a video directly from your device (phone or computer). Well, this means that the forum you are using must allow uploading videos.

You have to make sure that you are allowed to do so.


Yes derrictly from my iPad!


Oh okay! Thanks for all the help! I may ask my dad about YouTube!


Wait I thoght of something! I will make a video into a gif!

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Gifs are even larger than videos so this is unlikely to work unless the video is very short and small.

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’ Ey, @Huggingfluffybear. welcome to Meta.

I agree. This easily turns into something morbid and horrific to any mobile device or low-end desktop when one packs on the frames per second.

Fluffy :bear:, have your dad check out gyfcat too, as well as YouTube. It has been mentioned at Meta on at least two separate topics.

Gfycat takes gifs and turns them into video. You must be 13 years of age or older to use the service. It may be easier for your dad as it takes less steps than uploading a video to YouTube. But, depends on personal preference in the end!


Okay thank you! I may ask my dad!

Also love the bear emoji!:smile:


Looking back at this there is a option to record a video by what’s the diffrence between that and uploading a video from your camera roll?