'About Me' editor is busted

(Kane York) #1

I can’t edit the About Me section of my profile. None of the composer helper icons show up, and the preview doesn’t either.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'scrollHeight' of null   application-c3484540d74b8b8f8fc12bcc71f2e0a9.js:4
h     application-c3484540d74b8b8f8fc12bcc71f2e0a9.js:4
r     application-c3484540d74b8b8f8fc12bcc71f2e0a9.js:4
run   application-c3484540d74b8b8f8fc12bcc71f2e0a9.js:5
Discourse.PagedownEditor.Discourse.ContainerView.extend.didInsertElement   application-c3484540d74b8b8f8fc12bcc71f2e0a9.js:9
r     vendor-25675d8c8450e0eb4cd1bc60872dcaa5.js:5

User unable to change "About Me" in preferences
(Sam Saffron) #2

@velesin editor sync related?

(Wojciech Zawistowski) #3

Possible. Checking it…

(Sebastien Miquerolle) #4

In the admin section too, in site_content, cannot able to edit CGU, etc…

(Wojciech Zawistowski) #5

yes, I thought that only composer uses Editor, didn’t notice that in other places it is used too (it is invoked differently - in composer it is invoked directly while in other places it is invoked via pagedown view helper which I completely missed).

The layout of pagedown helper is different than in composer - preview is below input pane instead of side-to-side and preview pane height is not constant like in composer but expands dynamically - so it doesn’t need sync at all (thus it doesn’t need hidden preview scroller pane).

Currently Editor is implemented in such a way, that it always expects hidden scroller pane - so it breaks in all other cases where it is not present. I’ll change it to be optional (so if the hidden scroller pane is not present, then syncing will be automatically turned off).

Fix in progres…

(Wojciech Zawistowski) #6

A quick fix is ready:


(Jeff Atwood) #7

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