About Me profile field limited to 3000 characters

On our site users sometimes want really long “About Me” descriptions in their profiles but it is by default limited to 3000 characters. Is there any easy way to bump this up?

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I don’t think so. One solution would be to create a category for mind bios.

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If posts were editable indefinitely that would sort of work, but since they are not there would be stale About Me posts hanging around as people found they could no longer edit their old one and so made new ones.

I see the restriction apparently defined at

  validates :bio_raw, length: { maximum: 3000 }

in app/models/user_profile.rb and was hoping I could just change that and nothing would blow up…

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If that’s the only problem, there’s a setting for that.

Search for post edit time limit in the admin settings.

By default this is set to 60 days. Setting it to 0 will allow posts to be edited regardless of how many days have passed since they were created.

However, do note that this will apply to all categories / topics.

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I had a few users delete all their posts they ever made when they got disgruntled which wrecked many threads… so I would prefer to keep the edit window.

I am mainly hoping a code patch or two will work and someone has tried and succeeded. If not I may just wing it and see if anything blows up.

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Deletes and edits are rate limited so that is not possible in Discourse.

Even a 3K “About Me” won’t fit on the user card.

A plugin might be a solution, adding a form to the user profile (I’m guessing Custom fields are limited to the same limit as “About Me”).


Either the rate limiting is a new feature or they just kept chipping away at it. One user in particular managed to zero out all of their posts, they were new enough to still be in the edit window. This was Discourse as of maybe two years ago.

@JagWaugh, it all “fits” in that you can scroll, but I agree it doesn’t fit well with the site design to have a large About Me - the scroll window is pretty small, even on the full summary page.

I just looked at a user with one around 3000 words and scrolling through their big thing in a tiny frame has convinced me to do nothing about this issue for now. They can just link to another site if they have more to say.

It will store 3K, but it’s a bit… cumbersome, especially on a small phone.

I hesitate to suggest that the user profile, or “home” might include a “My Bio”, “My Pictures/files” facility like some other platforms… it’s not really the way Discourse is (and I suspect it would be rather a lot to add on, even as a plugin).