/about page add a new link and menu

(Hakan) #1

How can I add new menus to the About page? I want to make a wiki page like reddit in some detail, but I did not.

How can I add new menus to the part in the picture? Thanks…



(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

I don’t think that’ll work @HAWK. The code you linked to adds items to the top menu on the main page (where Latest, Top, New, etc. live). Hakan is asking how to add a new item on the /about page - I’m not sure I’ve see code shared to do that.


Ah yes, the language threw me. Thanks for the catch.


I have been wondering too, I want a button that leads off site on the /about page. where can I modify this?

(Hakan) #6

yes you understand me

(Hakan) #7

Toxu — обмен знаниями и опытом a very well thought-out pagination scheme. how can i do this?


(Evgeny) #8

You can use the plugin:

In fact, using this plugin, you can create pages and design them as you want.

Or you can write your own plugin overriding templates for yourself. Which is a little more complicated. But as far as I know, the plugin above does all the necessary work.

Next, use:


Change URL /About page?
(Hakan) #9

Yes I know that. How can I edit the links on the / about page like you do? How can I add new menus / about page

(Evgeny) #10

In this case, you must use the plugin, where to change the following file:

I don’t know any other way anymore, if you want to change something radically.

(Hakan) #11

I do not have the knowledge to do them :smiley: I do not know how to plugin. I guess I’ll try later

(Paul W) #12

go to admin->themes->(your theme)->Edit css/html->common->Header

Here’s a copy of mine, I insert a link to the users page.

<script type='text/x-handlebars' data-template-name='about'>
{{#d-section pageClass="about"}}
  <div class='container'>
    <div class='contents clearfix body-page'>

      <ul class="nav-pills">
        <li class="nav-item-about">{{#link-to 'about' class="active"}}{{i18n 'about.simple_title'}}{{/link-to}}</li>
        {{#if faqOverriden}}
          <li class="nav-item-guidelines">{{#link-to 'guidelines'}}{{i18n 'guidelines'}}{{/link-to}}</li>
          <li class="nav-item-faq">{{#link-to 'faq'}}{{i18n 'faq'}}{{/link-to}}</li>
          <li class="nav-item-faq">{{#link-to 'faq'}}{{i18n 'faq'}}{{/link-to}}</li>
        <li class="nav-item-tos">{{#link-to 'tos'}}{{i18n 'terms_of_service'}}{{/link-to}}</li>
        <li class="nav-item-privacy">{{#link-to 'privacy'}}{{i18n 'privacy'}}{{/link-to}}</li>

      <section class='about'>
        <h2>{{i18n 'about.title' title=model.title}}</h2>

      {{#if model.admins}}
        <section class='about admins'>
          <h3>{{fa-icon "users"}} {{i18n 'about.our_admins'}}</h3>

          {{#each model.admins as |a|}}
            {{user-info user=a}}
          <div class='clearfix'></div>


      {{#if model.moderators}}
        <section class='about moderators'>
          <h3>{{fa-icon "users"}} {{i18n 'about.our_moderators'}}</h3>

          <div class='users'>
            {{#each model.moderators as |m|}}
              {{user-info user=m}}
          <div class='clearfix'></div>

      <section class='about stats'>
        <h3>{{fa-icon "bar-chart"}}  {{i18n 'about.stats'}}</h3>

        <table class='table'>
            <th>{{i18n 'about.stat.all_time'}}</th>
            <th>{{i18n 'about.stat.last_7_days'}}</th>
            <th>{{i18n 'about.stat.last_30_days'}}</th>
            <td class='title'>{{i18n 'about.topic_count'}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.topic_count}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.topics_7_days}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.topics_30_days}}</td>
            <td>{{i18n 'about.post_count'}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.post_count}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.posts_7_days}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.posts_30_days}}</td>
            <td><a href="/users">{{i18n 'about.user_count'}}</a></td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.user_count}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.users_7_days}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.users_30_days}}</td>
            <td>{{i18n 'about.active_user_count'}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.active_users_7_days}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.active_users_30_days}}</td>
            <td>{{i18n 'about.like_count'}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.like_count}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.likes_7_days}}</td>
            <td>{{number model.stats.likes_30_days}}</td>

      {{#if contactInfo}}
        <section class='about contact'>
            <h3>{{fa-icon "envelope-o"}} {{i18n 'about.contact'}}</h3>



(Hakan) #13

about and the default links changes, I get an error. I added a new link while browsing between menus are not added later.