About pages missing/broken

(Victoria Hedenmalm) #1


I have just started working with discourse on an already existing forum that I just updated to use docker.

In the about pages all three of the tabs FAQ, Terms of Service and Privacy are all broken. They were broken in the old version as well. I want to bring back these pages to the forum. I’m running a translated discourse forum in Swedish.

I am unsure of how to address this issue. Could anyone give me some pointers?



(Victoria Hedenmalm) #2

I might also add that I am not trying to use any special url:s for these, just standard discourse. I have left all three blank in site settings -> legal, so this should not be an issue.



(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

Could you share a link to your forum? If there’s anything at all non-vanilla about your setup (HTTPS, exposing ports, CDN etc.) please share it.

(Victoria Hedenmalm) #4

It’s at https://bostadsliv.se. We’ve set up HTTPS. Don’t know that we’ve done anything with the exposing ports, but we are using aws and not digital ocean. I’ve redirected the FAQ button to a thread in meta. I hid the other buttons before but I’ve disabled that now so you can see. Thanks for helping!