About the tags display in the header of the topic page

About the tags displayed in the header of the topic page

Hello, I would like to ask you about tags that appear in the header of the topic page.

I think that categories and tags are displayed in the header, but if it is not possible to display by one line, the second line will be displayed after breaking the design of the header.

Does anyone know the solution?

I can not solve it yet

I can’t speak for others, but I’m not clear about what exactly you are asking.

Can you post a screen capture / mock up that shows what you mean?


I’m sorry.
This picture is the place I wanted to say.

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Thanks, that makes the issue clear. When there are so many tags that they will not fit into the header, they overflow the header.

I can think of a few options.

  • limit the number of tags a topic can have so the problem won’t happen
  • use CSS overflow: hidden so the “excess” tags won’t display
  • give the header more height and adjust the body position lower

Each has pros and cons.

  • the first might not be good if you really need to have that may tags
  • the second would allow getting to the topic from the Tags page, but obviously one can’t use a tag in the header to navigate to other topics with that tag if it doesn’t show
  • the last would look better for topics that needed two lines to fit all the tags, but would have extra empty space for topics that didn’t have that many tags.

Do any of those seem like a better approach than the others?

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