About working on transifex

(foobar) #1
  • In the web interface, while translating, for some messages, selected words are underscored. Is there some underlying markup (presumably html) that I should preserve, but I can’t do so from the web interface?
  • Is there any other tool or workflow, besides using the web interface of transifex, that is more convenient for preserving markup and such?

edit: my apologies if this is covered in some faq or other post, I did try searching for an answer but got nowhere.

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

Those underlined words are terms that have an entry in the glossary.
You get a tooltip when you hover your mouse over those underlined words and on the right side you can see all glossary entries that match the current text. The link “Open glossary” allows you to edit the glossary for your language.