Access ssh app files using sftp?


I’m new to discourse and host a site using digital ocean.
My problem is I wanna edit some file like locales file easily.
Any I have know sftp can access remote ssh file like ftp.
But it can access that file in /www/ ( it means files that after type ./launcher ssh app)
Is anyone know how to do that?

I’m using FileZilla ftp app.

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

The Discourse docker container exposes the SSH port. So, you should be able to connect to it with scp. However, this works only from localhost. You will need to use SSH tunneling in order to connect to it from your client using FileZilla.

But, please keep in mind that editing a locale file won’t work (or at least it won’t survive a rebuild of the app). I recommend you use a plugin like discourse-locale-override.

See also


Thanks for reply!!
So when I edit locale file and rebuild, docker will clone discourse from github and my change will be reset,isn’t it?
If it’s true.
I think I should try this plugin!!
But an other question is how about override plugin locale file?
Thanks you again!


And the other question is how can I connect with scp?

(Kane York) #5