Accessibility for the blind, near blind, poor eyesight

(Joakim Bang Larsen) #1

Hi guys!
I have a forum where some participants have accessibility issues. Can Discourse be operated with keyboard shortcuts? What other accessibility features are there (for the blind, near blind and poor sight)?

Thanks for a great software!

(Daniela) #2

I’m not a big fan of keyborad shortcuts, but yes, Discourse can operated with them for the most common actions (create, read, reply, search, navigate and others)

There’s a “large font theme” under development that you can find interesting

and this one created by @Mittineague

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

You can get a list of keyboard shortcuts by pressing the ? key.

(Joakim Bang Larsen) #4

Thanks for your replies! The keyboard shortcuts seem useful. Just trying out how Discourse works with screenreaders now. I was told that sometimes I webpage is more readable in mobile format. Can one enforce the mobile site on a desktop?

(Mittineague) #5

When the page URL has