Accessibility / Style / Colour Question

(Rob Meade) #1


Any thoughts on the best approach to being able to offer some user specific preferences for the above?

As a more specific example, our hosted solution uses a black background for the main topic area and white text. Works nicely with the chosen colour scheme but we have heard from a few users that this isn’t ideal for them. Whilst it is literally only a few, I feel that it would be good to provide something that better suits their needs also, but without having to change the overall colour/style that has been chosen.

My current thinking, and I am more than happy to have that slapped out of me with a copy of “Sam’s Teach Yourself Website Accessibility” or something similar, would be to perhaps have a few alternative CSS classes which would be used if the user had selected a specific choice for accessibility preferences. This I guess would be an icon at the top of the page or something similar.

Whilst the CSS I don’t think would be entirely challenging, the first thing I am not entirely certain about is how we could all this interaction with the site to be stored so that the user didn’t have to re-select it between page views/refreshes or visits to the site.

Any thoughts / suggestions or pointers to other posts with solutions would be appreciated (I did search but nothing overly obviously appeared).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Daniela) #2

Did you read this?

You can easily create (or add) other themes and leave users the choice (in their user preference).

EDIT: How to create and share a color scheme

(Rob Meade) #3

I did not! But this is sounding exceptionally useful… many thanks… I will get reading! :slight_smile:

(Rob Meade) #4

Just one thing I’ve spotted on the original link… the “Enable for all users” etc option appears to be gone… once enabled it appears to set it… not overly keen that to keep poking and playing without understanding exactly what’s happening or who is seeing what.

Does an option to select a different set of colours just appear for users under preferences now?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

User Themes aren’t available for hosted customers yet. We are refining the feature and it should be available later this week.

(Rob Meade) #6


Thanks @falco, I will stop looking then! :smiley:

Presumably I will notice something different under the settings which will help me tell when it’s available?

(Daniela) #7

You will see “Themes” in your customize tab. It replace the old Html/css tab.

In the meanwhile you can play with themes as a user in your profile here on Meta, so you can see it in action

(Rob Meade) #8

Fab, thanks @Trash :slight_smile: