Accidental space at end of url causes page not found

(gingerling) #1

I have links from the bottom of my manual pages for example phpList manual : phpList at the bottom of each page (but the manual exists in a few other places too).

I / another documenter accidentally typed a space at the end of one url.

When the link is clicked, it takes you to a page which says “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.” then when you refresh the url it’s fine, I guess the browser removes the space.

I tried a few other website urls I know well, adding in a space at the end, and they all went though fine. Is this a bug in discourse? Or perhaps it is because it is a link I am clicking rather than a typed url? Sorry if this is a dumbass question.

(Robin Ward) #2

Would say no, it isn’t. A space does mean a different URL than not having a space and we aren’t the only site that would have this problem. I think an easier solution would be to fix your broken link than adjust our codebase.

(gingerling) #3

oh sure, I already did that. I was just surprised that’s all, not an issue I had come across before. It took me a while to understand the issue as the browser removes the space if you click refresh. I tested by making some links with spaces on the end in my wordpress blog and it’s the same issue. Thanks anyway :smile: Guess I learned something new :wink: