Account creation when hiding full name but also requiring full name

(Maxence Schoonians) #1

Hi all,

We are a sport community that loves a soccer club in Belgium called Sporting Charleroi.

We are running our forum on Discourse as you may have already understood and we are facing an issue since approximately 45 days.

The issue is nobody is able to create a new account anymore because the “Create Account” button keeps being disabled even if you enter correct email/nickname/password (see pics at the end of my post).

We believe the bug occurs when we have updated the forum on version 1.5.0 beta10 +34 (seems to be the very last version of the soft if I’m right) but we are not sure (we just compared the last registration date of our last community member)

Also, I was able to create a new account by inspecting the content of the html and by removing the “disabled” attribute of the button “create account” button (“créer un compte” in french in the screenshot) so the button was made “clickable” again.

I can’t find something related to that issue in the forum but I may have miss something.

Thanks in advance for your support.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Did you add any custom user fields? Did you hide usernames? I’ve seen this before with bad, conflicting site settings on user field requirements.

In other words, not a bug but a configuration error by the site operator.

(Maxence Schoonians) #3

Hi @codinghorror,

Thanks for your answer.

We don’t add custom user fields AFAIK, how can we do that by the way?
Thanks to the settings ?

But maybe I’m not correctly understanding what you are asking?

I believe the installation is a pure vanilla one.
We just add few plugins but it was a long time ago.

(Felix Freiberger) #4

You can check whether you have custom user fields on /admin/customize/user_fields.

Incompatible plugins could cause that in principle. Which plugins do you have installed, exactly?

(Maxence Schoonians) #5

Hi @fefrei,

Thanks for your help.
So the answer is no, we don’t have custom user fields.

The plugins are the following :

I do not think this is an error with the plugins because we installed the latest months ago.

I also had a look on the settings and everything seems fine.
Nothing has change settings side since the installation months ago.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

My point is that you are not prompting for full name at signup, but likely requiring it. Note how your signup dialog differs from meta, here. Count the input boxes.

(Maxence Schoonians) #7

You are right, I was requiring people to add their full names to their profiles and also was hiding it for account creation.

The weird thing is that it was working before with that configuration.
Prior to the last update we made.

But thank you anyway for the help, really appreciate.