Activation emails contain even after hostname change

(Joe Doss) #1

I am doing a non docker install, so I understand help is limited.

I didn’t set my domain name correctly when I started everything up and after updating env DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME='newhostname' in config/discourse.config
I was able to rebuild any internal links away from with the following:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec script/discourse remap newhostname
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake posts:rebake

this converted all links in posts to the correct address but new activation emails still contain along with embeded images are calling Is there another rake command that I can run to update the domain for emails?

(James Milligan) #2

You’re editing the wrong file - you need to edit the hostname line in config/discourse.conf

(Joe Doss) #3

Thanks a ton! That was it. I made the changes in that file and then I kept getting 500 errors with little info in the logs. Since it was a fresh install dropping the DB and just starting from a clean, I was able to resolve all of my linking issues. I will have to do some reading on what config file is used for what down the road.