Activation no longer works

(Jakob Borg) #1

I upgraded my docker installed discourse from to (3368e23 now, not sure what it was before) and activation no longer works.

The forum is configured with login_required.

Clicking the link in the activation mail gets you to the “Activate your account” page as it should, but pressing the “Activate” button there brings you back to the “This discussion forum requires an account to view” page and not to the “Your account has been activated” page. (Strings from memory, but I hope the pages I mean are clear).

Any logs etc that are relevant to debug this?

Edit: turning off login_required makes Activation work again

Login broken in latest revision
(Kane York) #2

Looks like someone forgot to add a skip_before_filter entry:

(Jakob Borg) #3

Awesome, upgrading again now.


(Jeff Atwood) #4