Activity Summary - Alternative Layout

(Happy Lee) #1

Since “Mailing List Mode - Send daily updates” is going to be removed, is there a way to create an option to utilize that format for the “Activity Summary?” (see below)

Perhaps the solution is a plugin that let us use the old “Mailing List Mode - Send Daily Updates” layout/format - and send it through the Activity Summary.

Requesting the indexing with number section removed.

It’s the indexing at the top of this layout/format that is most useful to us. To be clear, I’m not suggesting replacing the current Activity Summary layout/format (as I understand it works for a lot of people). I’m requesting an alternative layout/format with indexing (sent out through the Activity Summary operation)

If it helps, I got department approval to pay someone $100 for it. I realize it’s not much, but I really want to keep Discourse as our mailing list/campus communication platform and hope to work with the developer community to find options.