Ad Manager ads are blank

I tried all the possible ways of enabling DFP code via plugin but it just shows an empty space.

Also, do i need to make any adjustments in the DFP

I have a similar issue where the iframe from DFP gets open but there is no ad rendering where as the ad is being called correctly in the request header.
Can someone please help me with his.

@jhingalala Google should be able to help you understand why there’s no ad to show. The ad plugin has done its job.

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The ad is coming in tester.

Please tell me if i have to enable something specifically in dfp as well.

Your screenshot is showing a div that is added by Google, not the plugin. So the plugin has injected the DFP code as far as I can see in your info.

Are there are other errors?

Are your content security policy settings correct? Does it work when you disable content security policy?

Do you see anything useful in the Google Publisher Console?

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